About Bigfoot Trivia
I have come to learn that all knowledge starts with a question, especially when it comes to studying bigfoots. My quest for answers started May 14, 2013 when I saw a “big black thing” jump over the small back country road near our house in rural Holmes County, Ohio. Since then, I have been on an unending quest to determine what these creatures are, and how they live.

The other thing that I discovered as time goes by, there seems to be more questions now than when I first started looking into it. With help and guidance from investigators who became friends, I was able to identify those in our community that have many years of experience and knowledge studying this phenomenon. Through their willingness to share their research, we have all benefitted.

My hope is that this trivia website will serve as a historical jumping off point to learn from the “giants” in this field that have contributed so much. I was embarrassed that I did not know the history of this subject more than I did when Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay presented the first Trivia Night at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in 2019. I started making flashcards after that to learn the material. The first 50 questions here, are used with permission from that event. So, even though the answers can be sourced from interviews, newspapers, magazines, or books, the answers for the questions from that 2019 event will show the source as the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2019.

I asked my dear husband, Bernie Ferencak, the software programmer, if we could go from my flashcards to a database driven website to share this information with everyone. He agreed to do it, and I am so proud and thankful for his efforts. Michael Esordi came through for us with this most excellent design. Steven Streufert, Daniel Perez and Todd Prescott have been extremely helpful making sure that all my data is up to snuff. I owe them all a large debt of gratitude!

We need to look back to where and how the sasquatch phenomenon began, not just in modern times but throughout ancient history as well. We need to learn from the greats that have come before. Only then, working from that foundation, will we be strong going forward, and maybe one day, we will find an answer, if we’re lucky.

We hope you enjoy www.bigfoottrivia.com, and we look forward to expanding the site in the future.

Please feel free to send comments, questions, corrections or suggestions to bigfoottrivia@gmail.com.

Thank you!
Suzanne Ferencak