Bernie Ferencak
To my dear husband Bernie Ferencak, who has loved me since the early 90's, how can I ever thank you for making me smile? My heart and my love, belong to you. Link to our song.

Cliff Barackman
Thank you for being the ever patient teacher.

Thom Powell
Thank you Thom for making me think outside the box, and for teaching me to pay attention. You are fearless.

James "Bobo" Fay
Thank you Bobo for your encouragement, knowledge, bravery, straight talk and good times!

Tom Yamarone
Thank you Tom for teaching me so much about bigfoot history, friendship and strength. Thank you for making me get an audio recorder all those years ago!

Steven Streufert
Thank you Steven for your help and direction with this project. Every day that I bugged you for information or confirmations, you were always willing to help. Your knowledge and discernment of the subject matter blows my mind!

Daniel Perez
How fun it was getting to know the man that documents it all! I am truly grateful for your wonderful partnership on this project Daniel.

Henry Franzoni
After hiding out for awhile, I found you, and asked a question. You answered it, then gave me more questions! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge with me Henry.

Bea Mills
Hanging with the best, is awesome. Love rules, along with damn good trackway casts! Thank you for teaching me about the importance of persistence and determination in the search for answers.

Todd Prescott
I asked Todd a question, and he ended up editing the entire database for me! Wow! I love him. Thank you Todd! I have learned so much from your knowledge...and we are all the beneficiaries of it. Todd verified all of the questions, and made sure that it was consistent and correct.

Mark Maisel
Where would I be now without your guidance in 2013? Thank you!

Gene Romo
Thank you Gene for making me laugh, and for the history that you know. It's revenge against your winning team at OBC that motivated me to do this trivia site!

Jeff Crisman
Hey Jeff, remember our trivia team last year when you had to do most of the heavy lifting? Well check this out! Maybe we'll do better this year? Thank you for being an excellent investigator and a wonderful friend. You and Jodi have a lot of hours on our property! Remember the "knock" from the creepy hill behind us the first night you stayed here? Yes, it proves nothing I know. Thank you for everything that you have taught me, including what the word pareidolia means. Haha

John Kirk III
Your years of research and efforts to educate us all, have been extremely appreciated. Thank you for your help with this project! You were always so gracious when I reached out to you with a question. I love Winona! She taught me something that worked in the field.

Alan McGargle & Jesse Morgan
Thank you for telling my experience in such a beautiful way.  We will be forever connected.

Michael Esordi
Thank you for making my dream look so pretty! This project wouldn't have happened without you Mike. Thank you for saying yes. I will be forever grateful to you. Craw Nuts RULE!

Hammer & Ferencak Families
Thank you for you patience, support and understanding as I have gone through this process of tackling my obsession with this subject. And what a process it has been! I love you all.

To my dear old friends, thank you for your love, laughs and kindness. We all love Mohican, including the Sasquatches!

Thank you for Divine Mercy.